Ai Advice - Episode 2

Asking an AI to give it's thoughts on which of the teams will get to Sokcho, South Korea first, for Episode 2 of Race Across the World

Episode 1 Recap - Sapporo to Nara

Race across the world Series 4 episode 1 recap - Sapporo to Nara japan.

Series 4 - An AI Predicts!

Asking Google's Gemini Ai to predict who'll get to the first checkpoint in Race Across the World series 4!

Series 4: Meet the Teams

A look at the teams in Series 4 of Race Across the World

Race Across the World Series 4

Race arcross the world returns for series 4 - what we know about the route and journey!

Episode 5 Recap: Sarajevo to Berlin

The race from Sarajevo to Berlin, by way of Budapest, Munich Prague and lots of wandering around Berlin looking for the checkpoint!

AI Advice: Episode 5

The AI gives and refuses to give a prediction for this weeks RATW cooking show?

Episode 4 Recap: Zermatt to Sarajevo

Celebrity Race Across the World 2023 Episode 4 recap. Who will make it to Sarajevo first?

AI Advice: Episode 4

The point scoring AI player offers it's analysis of the teams chances for checkpoint 4.

Episode 3 Recap: Bonifacio to Zermatt

The teams race to Switzerland, fighting budgets and trains!

AI Advice: Episode 3

Asking AI technology it's predictions for checkpoint three in the race towards Norway

Episode 2 Recap: Pinhão to Bonifacio

A recap of the teams travels and challenges towards Bonifacio and the second checkpoint.

Ai Advice For Episode 2

Seeing if Google's AI technology can predict the winner of Race across the World Episode 2

Episode 1 Recap - Marrakesh to Pinão

A look at how the celebrity teams handled the first stage of their race, leaving Africa to enter Europe.

AI Advice on the Celebrities Chances

We ask an AI for predictive advice on the show that hasn't aired yet!

How to Play World Race Predictions

First time playing, or just want a refresher of the rules? Here's how world race predictions works and how to get started!

Predictions Open for Celebrity Race Across the World

Think you can beat your friends at predicting who will be best in Celebrity Race Across the World? Get your prediction in now!

Celebrity Race Across the World Postponed

In light of the earthquake in Morocco the BBC has decided to postpone the first episode of Celebrity Race Across the World, which was filmed in Marrakesh

Who's Competing in Celebrity Race Across the World?

Meet the celebrity teams and get your early prediction in for who you think will be first to reach checkpoint!

Celebrity Race Across the World

A look at the route of Celebrity Race Across the World

Episode 7 Recap - Quebec City to Liverpool (Nova Scotia)

The penultimate leg and some series stats

AI Prediction: Episode 7

The AI takes its mighty computer power to try to predict episode 7 of Race Across the World

Episode 6 Recap - Manitoulin Island to Quebec City

A recap of episode 6, heartbreak, cheese and several unnecessary steps!

AI Prediction: Episode 6

Finally the AI starts to make some sense

Episode 5 Recap - Churchill to Manitoulin Island

A (kind of) recap of episode 5

The AI predicts Episode 5

Undeterred by the predictions so far, I've once again asked Google Bard "Who do you think will win series 3 episode 5 of Race Across the World UK?"

Episode 4 Recap - Banff to Churchill

A slower episode as the teams race to catch a train to Churchill

AI Prediction: Series 3 Episode 4

Once again trying AI advice for predicting Race Across the World

Episode 3 Recap

A recap of Series 3 Episode 3 - Dawson City to Banff

AI Advice: Series 3 Episode 3

Asking Google Bard to predict Series 3 Episode 3 of Race Across the World. Will it do better then it's first attempt?

Episode 2 Recap

A recap of Series 3 Episode 2 - Haida Gwaii, to Dawson City

An Ai Enters the Race!

Seeing if Ai can predict Race Across the World episode 2- or even successfully identify the competing teams!

Predictions are now open!

You can now place your predictions for the first episode of season 3!

Race Across the World returns for Series 3!

The show returns for series 3, where this time the teams will be racing across Canada!