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Photo by Liam Charmer on Unsplash

Episode 7 - AI Advice

With not much to go on from the last episode results lets see if Google's AI has any better strategy then just 'back the current' leaders?

Asked who it thinks will win episode 7 Googles Gemini AI said:

Predicting the winner of the final episode (episode 7) of Race Across the World Series 4 is difficult without knowing the exact location and challenges. However, since it's the final leg, the pressure will be immense. Here's who might have an edge based on general race strategy:

Going to make a quick interruption here to say - this is not the final episode. And we know the location - they're going from Bukittinggi to Jakarta both in Indonesia. But that aside let's see who it thinks might have the edge?

Team with Strong Decision-Making: Making quick and strategic decisions under pressure is key. A team that has consistently demonstrated this skill throughout the race, perhaps Stephen & Viv (married couple) who might have a strategic approach, could be well-positioned for success.

Now I'm not sure who actually has the strongest decision making in this years teams to be honest. Steven and Viv might actually make some good sense here...😮 Of course they've also been 4th the most, so maybe not the best example!

Mentally Tough Team: The final leg can be draining, both physically and mentally. Teams that have shown resilience throughout the race, like Brydie & Sharon (mother-daughter) (assuming they are not eliminated) who might be adaptable due to their family bond, could have an advantage.

Again not the final leg.... and um.... yeah some bold assumption there about Brydie and Sharon, and I'm not sure I'd put them as resilient!

Team with Consistent Performance: Ultimately, the winner will likely be the team that has consistently performed well across all legs. Teams who demonstrated a balance of navigation, communication, and resourcefulness throughout will be strong contenders, regardless of the specific challenges.

I'm not sure any team has consistently performed well. Stephen and Viv are the only team that haven't lost anything if that counts as consistent? Still there's some final words of advice:

Here's a fun twist: Since it's the final leg, sometimes teams who haven't necessarily been in the lead throughout can make a strategic comeback. So keep an eye out for a potential underdog!

Again - still not the final leg. But not a bad point, slower teams have a habit of suddenly finding their racing legs in the final stretches! Do you think you can outperform the AI's ideas? Do you at least know what stage of the race it is? Get your prediction in before episode 7 airs tonight!