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Race Across the World
Prediction league

Compete against your friends to see who can predict which couple will reach the next checkpoint first on BBC One's Race Across the World!

How to play

Before each show

Register at https://worldracepredictions.com and chose which team you think will cross the checkpoint first!

After the episode

Points are awarded to players who chose the right team!

See where you are

Check your leagues to see where you stand against your team mates!

Final Episode

The earlier you predict the final winner the more points you'll get!

Making Predictions

Before the start of each episode select the team you think will cross the checkpoint first - get it right, and you'll move up the leaderboard!

  • Episode Predictions

    Episode predictions can be made or changed any time before the start of the show. Correctly predict the fastest team to the checkpoint and you'll get awarded 3 points ! If your pick comes in second you'll get 1 point for getting close!

  • The Final

    Final predictions can be made at any time and give you 2 points for every week you are in advance of the final! You can change your final prediction at any time, but only your most recent prediction will count! Do you hold steady on a risky team for maximum points? Or pick a favourite and lose your accumulation?

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Join a league

Get competitive!

Setup leagues of friends, family or work colleagues, and see who's best at guessing where the teams will end up!

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