Episode 6 Recap - Manitoulin Island to Quebec City

We left Episode 5 with Claudia & Kevin nearly a day ahead but a smaller budget then the other teams, a situation they really wanted to take advantage of in the journey to Quebec City.

Kevin started strong, by 'creating some buzz' walking around a ferry with a sign on his bag! 😆 The team improved from there though, blagging a lift from a cyclist, who then let them stay with him as well. A lucky, and budget friendly start, although things were to get less fortuitous when they got to Quebec. Their travel before that however looked quite fun however, taking advantage of their lead they took a detour via Toronto to Niagara Falls.

Less keen on detours were Monique and Ladi, who also took the Toronto route, but more because Monique figured there would be more public transport links. They started with the bad luck of missing the first ferry, but Ladi's chill composure kept the team moving, and Monique's transport friendly plan worked well, especially trying to travel overnight to avoid the additional cost of accommodation. I'm not sure seeing the falls would have excited Ladi as much as the delight of some proper Caribbean food anyway!

Tricha and Cathie seemed to be competing for a 'most gusto' award, charging around with cries of 'we'll crush this' from the off. It didn't quite go as they planned, but they kept working to keep their budget up, and again their friendship remained a key strength as they supported each other through issues with the work schedule and ensuring they didn't miss planned transport. In one of many heartbreaking moments in this episode, watching them descending the steps others had just climbed, only to get the GPS alert taking them back up the same steps was definitely up there.

Equally hard to watch was Claudia & Kevin's first night in Montreal, arriving in the cold and dark only to discover the Grand Prix was in town and rooms were well booked up. Tired and out of options they ended up taking a room for £320, dropping their funds to 7% . Trica and Cathie faced with the same problem played it stronger though, finding an out of town room for only £80.

The real blinder though was played by Zainib and Mobeen, who starting from last place stopped to work in a Sudbury cheese factory for bed and board. Performing well, and making friends with the owners they also got themselves a paid for bus ticket to Ottawa. Often the team with the best quotes, their easier trip meant they were joking even more this episode, making fun of missing Niagara Falls and this delightful exchange:

The end felt like classic Race Across the World, with a foot race around Quebec City as three teams battled to hit the checkpoint first. Tricha and Cathie's misguided sense of direction taking them up and down the steps left them behind, while Monique, Ladia, Claudia and Kevin following each other to find the hotel. Only to get the same lift up and discover Zainib and Mobeen had checked in the night before!

End budgets wern't presented, but it's hard to imagine Kevin and Claudia have much left, despite finding work to try and top up their expensive hotel.

Episode 6 - Leaderboard

1st - Zainib & Mobeen

2nd - Claudia & Kevin + 11.5

2nd - Monique & Ladi + 11.5

4th- Tricia & Cathie + 11.5