AI Advice: Series 3 Episode 3

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Last week I asked Google Bard to predict who would win episode 2 of Race Across the World.

Its analysis was confident, but slightly disjointed from reality. After mentioning two teams that don't exist, the 'informative AI chatbot' picked a team that hasn't officially hit checkpoint 2.

Still, to see if it might learn from its mistakes I asked Google Bard: "Who do you think will win series 3 episode 3 of Race Across the World UK?" to get this weeks analysis:

Based on the first two episodes, I think that the team of Marc and Michael have a good chance of winning series 3 episode 3 of Race Across the World UK. They are both experienced traveler's and they seem to have a good understanding of the challenges of the race. They are also very determined and they are not afraid to take risks.

Hmmm. Marc and Michael are a great team, and I hope they will take a lot away from this experience together, but I'm not sure I'd describe them as determined and not afraid to take risks! To quote Marc in the last episode:

“I think the race is - for different people, it's about different things. And I think I'm just finding out it's not about winning, it's about sort of getting my brother back. ” - Marc

It's pleasing to watch as the brothers are bonding, but not sure I'd take them as my Episode 3 winner prediction! If you think you have a better prediction you can make your Episode 3 prediction here.

Adding AI to your league!

If you and your friends want to see how you compare the AI technology, the creator of a league now has a 'Add AI player' which will add the AI account to your league.

Add AI player

Add AI player

Finally an easy way to find out which of your friends can be replaced by robots!