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An Ai Enters the Race!

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Last weeks episode was a cracking start to the series, and gave a starting insight to the teams. Big spenders focusing on speed, Skiers seeing the sights and teams who struggle to leave a park!

However the tight finish across all the teams, means guessing who'll win episode 2 is still pretty much anyones game.

So for some deeper analysis I thought I'd ask Google Bard for its thoughts on the show. I keep hearing AI can do anything now, so why not predict a TV show?

Asking Google Bard "Who do you think will win series 3 of Race Across the World UK?" I got this response:

I think Claudia and Kevin have a good chance of winning series 3 episode 2 of Race Across the World UK. They are the first to leave, and they are taking a no-frills strategy of camping and car-sharing. This could save them money and allow them to travel faster than the other teams. Additionally, Kevin is a former military officer, which could give them an advantage in the challenges ahead.
However, the other teams also have strengths. Tricia and Cathie are best friends, which could help them to work well together. They are also both very organized and efficient, which could be helpful in the challenges. Additionally, they have a strong sense of adventure, which could help them to overcome any obstacles they face.
Ultimately, it is difficult to say who will win series 3 episode 2 of Race Across the World UK. All of the teams have strengths and weaknesses, and it will come down to who can best navigate the challenges ahead.

A confident sounding response that then hedges the bet with a "it's difficult to say". Still a reasonable sounding analysis, except describing big-spenders Kevin and Claudia as using a "No frills" strategy that could "save them money" made me wonder if Google is watching the same show I was. So before we go blindly following the robots advice, I asked Bard for a recap of the show:

In the first episode of Series 3 of Race Across the World UK, five teams of two set off from London and headed to the Far East without taking a single flight, a budget and with no smartphone in sight. The teams were:
  • Best friends Tricia and Cathie
  • Father and daughter Ladi and Monique
  • Husband and wife Zainib and Mobeen
  • Friends and business partners Alex and Emma
  • Married couple Kate and Dave
The first team to reach Tokyo was Tricia and Cathie, who were followed by Ladi and Monique, Zainib and Mobeen, Alex and Emma, and Kate and Dave. The teams were exhausted but happy to have made it to Tokyo.
The next episode of Race Across the World UK will see the teams continue their journey to Tokyo, as they compete to be the first to reach the finish line.

So it seems the AI has a little difficultly with small details like who the Series 3 teams are, where they're traveling from or to, or even if it's own fictional teams have finished or are still heading to Tokyo?!

Maybe it might be best to do your own analysis of the teams! 😂 I've made an account for Google Bard, so I'll be tracking it now to see if it can get any points by the end of the series.

If you'd like to try and beat the Ai in predicting Race Across the World Episode 2, you can sign up here!