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Predictions are now open!

In advance of Episode 1 of the new series, you can now place your predictions for who you think will be first to the episode 1 checkpoint!

With no knowledge to go on, this can be your best wild-stab-in-the-dark, or you can read some brief info about the teams below:

Cathie & Tricia (Image: BBC/Studio Lambert)

Cathie & Tricia (Image: BBC/Studio Lambert)

Best Friends - Cathie & Tricia


  • Age: 49
  • Location: South Wales
  • Occupation: Company Director, Local Pharmacy


  • Age: 48
  • Location: Devon
  • Occupation: Bank Clerk

Cathie & Tricia describe their strategy as:

Cathie: We want to move at night as much as possible, so saving on board. Work for food. And we're both cheeky enough to just go up and ask people for help.
Tricia: We want to get as much experience out of things as we can. Trying to stay on the move, not getting stagnant working in one place, enjoy being in the moment and holding money back for the last leg if we get there.

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Claudia & Kevin (Image: BBC/Studio Lambert)

Claudia & Kevin (Image: BBC/Studio Lambert)

Father & Daughter - Claudia & Kevin


  • Age: 27
  • Location: Southampton
  • Occupation: Product Development and Buying


  • Age: 53
  • Location: Southampton
  • Occupation: Marine Canopy Maker

Claudia & Kevin describe their strategy as:

Kevin: I'd love to say that we do and we’ve thought that far ahead, but I think we're literally just winging it. Just being present and seeing what's right, deciding between the two of us.
Claudia: We just want to focus on our strengths and how we can work together as a team.

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Ladi & Monique (Image: BBC/Studio Lambert)

Ladi & Monique (Image: BBC/Studio Lambert)

Father & Daughter - Ladi & Monique


  • Age: 52
  • Location: Essex
  • Occupation: Sport and Physical Activity professional / Consultancy


  • Age: 25
  • Location: East London
  • Occupation: Event Manager

Ladi & Monique describe their strategy as:

Ladi: Not really. Yes, I eventually watched both series and there's different methodology to this. But with strategy, we will always be thrown curveballs, which might completely blow our strategy out of the water and I think it's more about adaptability, flexibility, and agility to get us around where we need to get to.
Monique: What Dad said!

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Marc & Micheal (Image: BBC/Studio Lambert)

Marc & Micheal (Image: BBC/Studio Lambert)

Brothers - Marc & Micheal


  • Age: 36
  • Location: Tamworth
  • Occupation: Lift operator


  • Age: 34
  • Location: West Midlands
  • Occupation: Manager in Children’s services

Marc & Micheal describe their strategy as:

Michael: We’re trying to think about what the possible routes are, we have some initial ideas about trying not to go city based and going a bit more country, because then we get to see lots of things that we wouldn't ordinarily see, and it might also be cheaper.
Marc: Yes, very much so, if we go for a city, it's going to be expensive. We've both been quite lucky to see big cities growing up so it’s a chance for us to go off road and see things that we wouldn't see in a catalogue or on Google. We’d like to enjoy jobs in the woods, chopping down trees or off track building a house. Those opportunities don't come with working in the city.

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Mobeen& Zanib (Image: BBC/Studio Lambert)

Mobeen& Zanib (Image: BBC/Studio Lambert)

Husband & Wife- Mobeen and Zainib


  • Age: 31
  • Location: Manchester
  • Occupation: Trauma Orthopedic Surgeon, Trainee Registrar


  • Age: 32
  • Location: From Glasgow, living in Manchester
  • Occupation: Psychiatrist

Mobeen and Zainib describe their strategy as:

Zainib: Talk to the locals. I think the locals are the ones that are going to have the best knowledge and know the cheapest and fastest ways to get around. Speak to people around you, don't try and figure it out on your own and be smart and don’t think that you know everything. It’s very important to speak to those that live in the local area. So, we're going to try and speak to people as much as we can, wherever we go.
Mobeen: Making sure that we work well as a team, appreciate each other's qualities because we both bring different things to the table.

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