Season 3 Promotional Image - © BBC/Studio Lambert

Season 3 Promotional Image - © BBC/Studio Lambert

Race Across the World returns for Series 3!

After a long enforced break for covid - Race Across the world will be returning March 22nd with a new Series 3!

Excitingly the show will now be on BBC One, and this series sees our five couples racing across Canada without use of planes, mobiles or GPS - and with the traditionally limited budget!

The teams will be starting out at next to the Pacific Ocean in Vancouver, and will race to the finish line in St John’s Newfoundland. That's a distance of over 16,000 kilometres, covering 6 seperate timezones.

And like last series; if you'd like to compete against your friends or family predicting which team will cross the finish line first you'll be able to do so by signing up here!

Watch the offical season 3 trailer here: