Image by <a href="">Tumisu</a> from <a href="">Pixabay</a>

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Series 4 - An AI Predicts!

Like in previous series, I've decided our friendly TV game is an excelent opportunity to test the future of human society - Artificial intelligence tools. So each week I pose the questions to Google's gemini AI to see who it thinks has the best chance of winning each leg.

The first time I tried this the AI was happy to invent teams and answers, but it looks like Gemini might be more wise. It's response was:

Predicting the first team to reach the first checkpoint in Race Across the World is difficult. While navigation and communication are important throughout the race, the first leg heavily relies on efficiency in Japan where most people speak the language.

I'm already questioning if Gemini knows what language is spoken in Japan here, but let's ignore that and keep reading.

Here are some factors to consider for each team:
Experience: Teams used to traveling or with strong language skills might have an advantage.
Comfort with Public Transportation: Since the first leg relies on trains and potentially buses, navigating these systems efficiently could be a factor.

I think a lot of the race relies on trains and buses, but travel experience and language skills do seem like a good indicator...

Based on this, some teams might have a slight edge:
Alfie & Owen (Best Friends): Their younger age and potentially higher comfort with technology could help with research and navigating public transportation.

I don't think Gemini can imagine a world where technology is banned!

Brydie & Sharon (Mother-Daughter): If Sharon has some travel experience or language skills, they could be strong contenders.

That "if" is doing a lot of work here. If you've read our Series 4 Meet the Teams post you might remember Sharon wasn't totally aware of Tokyo....

However, other teams could also surprise! Ultimately, the first team to figure out the route, buy tickets, and navigate the trains efficiently will likely reach the first checkpoint in Nara, Japan first.

So there we have it - the work of a thousand+ googlers, and it's advice boils down to: if the team are good, they have a good chance, and the first one to navigate efficiently will probably be first! 😂

Think you've got more of an idea then Gemini? Get your prediction in here before 9pm when the show starts!