Photo by <a href="" target="_blank">Cathryn Lavery</a> on <a href="" target="_blank">Unsplash</a>

Photo by Cathryn Lavery on Unsplash

Episode 7 Recap - Quebec City to Liverpool (Nova Scotia)

The penultimate leg saw our teams again choosing different routes as they traveled to Liverpool (not that one) finally hitting the eastern coast of Canada.

Last week's lead for Zainib and Mobeen saw them leaving inconveniently late at night, so was spent planning and sleeping for the next day ahead. It worked well though as they were able to catch the first bus out to Rimouski, leaving the others to fight over the remaining seats.

Tricia & Cathie won the contest there, somehow beating the others to the bus station despite leaving later and securing the only tickets out of town. If they can do this trick again in the final, they've a very strong chance to be the Series 3 champions!

Monique & Ladi losing out on the bus meant they took a taxi towards New Brunswick, getting them out of Quebec City quicker, but at a cost. Not that they need to be so worried though. Since the second checkpoint, Monique & Ladi have either had the largest or second largest budget remaining, and enter the final leg with the most spare cash of the teams.

At the other end of the fiscal responsibility scale Kevin & Claudia were really feeling the pinch. Despite trying their best to earn more money, and finding a very helpful and generous Canadian called Amber, they eventually had to abandon the race.

Everyone did some work in New Brunswick to build up their purse for the final sprint, but concerned another team might overtake, Mobeen & Zainib pushed to get in first, building on their lead from last week, although there's still only hours in it:

Episode 7 - Leaderboard

1st - Zainib & Mobeen

2nd - Tricia & Cathie + 14

3rd - Monique & Ladi + 17.5

Series Stats:

Interestingly looking at series numbers Tricia & Cathie and Mobeen & Zainib have had identical results over all the legs. Both teams have come first, second and third twice, and only come last once. Tricia & Cathie however seem to have been getting slower over time, while Zainib & Mobeen have been faster in the later legs, which might benefit them in the final.

TeamLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3Leg 4Leg 5Leg 6Leg 7
Claudia and Kevin1531124
Tricia and Cathie2113342
Zainib and Mobeen3322411
Monique and Ladi4244233
Marc & Micheal545

Monique & Ladi though really don't look as good in those numbers. Although not often the worst, they've never placed higher then second, but the position isn't the only story. They might be 17.5 hours behind, but they have one key advantage in this final leg - that larger budget they've saved till the end:

Budget Remaining

1st - Zainib & Mobeen - 12% (~£600)

2nd - Tricia & Cathie - 13% (~£650)

3rd - Monique & Ladi - 15% (~£750)

Will that be enough to grab them the victory? Do you want to change your final prediction from someone you've held since week 3? Place your prediction here!