Promo Image - © BBC/Studio Lambert

Promo Image - © BBC/Studio Lambert

Celebrity Race Across the World

Only a matter of months after Series 3, and Race Across the World is returning to BBC one with a Celebrity edition.

But not too much has changed to be honest; Four famous faces and their family members will be taking on the travel challenge, racing from checkpoint to checkpoint like any other series. Except now we've got some celebs swapping their luxurious, all-expenses-paid globetrotting lifestyle for the more humble and thrifty hitch-hiking that Race Across the World offers. Or let’s hope so, or the teams might be struggling with the budget by week two!

Excitingly after Covid restrictions limited the last series to the borders of the beautiful Canada, this new season is more international again, with the pairs racing a distance of over 10,000 kilometres across 24 countries. While Canada was visually spectacular, it’ll be fun to see the teams having to manage the various language, currency and culture changes as they travel across their route.

And it’s a good looking challenge: kicking off in Morocco, the most north-western country in Africa the teams will traverse seasides and beaches, race through historical cities, and despair at the woeful transport links in charming little towns!

The route should take them through the Alps, across Central Europe, and into the Baltic States. And finally into snowy Scandinavia and the final checkpoint in Tromsø, one of the most northern parts of Norway. Sounds fun, although impossible to pack light for!

Checkout the preview from the official twitter account below: