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Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash

AI Advice: Episode 4

Once again we've put to task the finest (none paid, internet enabled) AI technology to the task of predicting what might happen in the next Race Across the World.

Last week the AI-Player got three points for a bang-on prediction! Although it's hard to tell if this was really a case of predictive skills, or just because the AI seems to have developed a bit of a cyber-crush on Harry and Emma. It was quite difficult this week to even get it to mention the other teams at all, it just seemed so convinced Harry and Emma were the best in show.

Still eventually some re-wording around the question and asking for all of the teams chances Google's Bard AI gave me this insightful analysis.

Harry and Emma have the best chance of winning. They have the most budget remaining, which will give them more flexibility in terms of transportation and accommodation. They are also the most experienced team, and they have shown that they are able to work well together under pressure.

The Ai's love affair with Harry & Emma continues - it never has a bad word to say about them! It's even generously claimed they have the most budget remaining (they don't) and claims them as the most experienced team (In what? Coming first?)

Alex and Noel have a good chance of winning. They have a good budget remaining, and they are also a very experienced team. However, they have struggled with navigation in the past, so they will need to be careful not to get lost on the next leg.

This is more fair, although I'm not sure if 'second lowest budget' totally counts as 'good'. Also what does it mean by experienced team? Alex and Noel are definitely not experienced in coming first! 🤔 Maybe here it's 'experienced in getting lost'!?

Billy and Bonny have a good chance of finishing in the top three. They are a young and energetic team, and they are always willing to give it their all. However, they have a smaller budget than the other teams, so they may need to be more resourceful on the next leg.

Now here's some proper thoughts. Seems a bit fence sitting to say the current 3rd place team have a good chance of being top three - and what's a good chance anyway? 75%? They are however young, energetic and willing to give their all. Plus we finally have a budget position right, as Billy & Bonny have the lowest funds going into the next leg.

Mel and Helene have the smallest budget remaining, but they are a resourceful team and they have a good understanding of how to manage their money. However, they have also struggled with navigation in the past, so they will need to be careful not to get lost on the next leg.

Scratch the last budget comment, the AI is now disagreeing with itself. Billy & Bonny have a smaller budget, but Mel and Helene have the smallest remaining? Not only does that make no sense, it's not close to true as Mel and Helene will start this leg with the most left in their wallets at 49% remaining! The AI would do well to read our recap of Episode 3 and take note of the leaderboard before pontificating much more.

It leaves us however with this final note:

It is also worth noting that the next episode will take place in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is a mountainous country. This could make the race more challenging for the teams, especially if they are not used to hiking. The teams will also need to be aware of the political situation in the country, as there are still some areas that are considered to be unsafe.

As a glorified calculator that can't work out which numbers are the smallest in a list of four, it seems best not to put too much stock in its advice, but mountainous hiking is a reasonable point.

Think you've got more predictive skills then a computer with attitude? Get your Celebrity Race Across the World Predictions in here.