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Photo by Peter Schulz on Unsplash

Episode 4 Recap: Zermatt to Sarajevo

The race to Sarajevo was a classic episode, with jobs, sights, racing and team dysfunction. After over two weeks of low budget travel, the teams had to face up to some new realities.

Harry & Emma

The starting front runners opted to head to Innsbruck in Austria, catching a fast and trouble free train straight there. However travel quickly got worse as Harry felt ill and had to suffer through a 19 hour overnight coach with Emma fussing over him in a way he didn't appear to appreciate!

But that irritable dynamic changed sides after their long coach trip was made longer by a puncture and Harry pushed Emma into cleaning a yacht that night. Then after some less than generous time planning in the morning nearly led to a missed bus, it definitely led to some firm words from his mum!

While a little awkward, Harry seemed to take on board Emma's complaints, although who knows how things will go if he still leaves things to the last minute in the next leg... 😬

Alex & Noel

Leaving second the father and son duo hit the immediate snag of a lack of evening transport, but eventually made their way to the absolutely stunning Lake Bled. Not feeling as behind as previous legs, they were more relaxed and managed to bond more as a team.

Most of what we've been shown of Alex and Noel so far just hasn't felt as smooth as the other teams, hardly disagreement, but also a slight caution in their relationship. But as they discussed the challenges of fatherhood they seemed to gel in a way we haven't seen before, genuinely appreciation each other and potentially spurring on a new focus in the next leg.

Billy & Bonny

With the lowest budget after last week, the siblings went for a mantra of "fast and cheap, fast and cheap". They found a good looking job weeding in Italy, but got lost on the way there and so missed several working hours and thus much of the money they'd traveled for. Otherwise they had a pretty good route, with minimal delays or problems. Their biggest issues this leg was, well Billy's legs - his prosthetics causing blisters and swelling slowing the team down, especially by the end.

Mel & Helene

Mel & Helene ignored the 'fast and cheap' for a more 'sea and sun' concept. It was not to be, however with the mother and daughter hitting coaches and a job in a coffee shop, but never getting Mel her sun-stop, just a rainy sort of beach.

Still they remain almost mysteriously frugal; they negotiated a good discount in the only taxi use this episode, but it still was for €350! They've also been the biggest taxi users of the series, yet they must be saving the budget elsewhere as they remain (joint) top of the budget stats. Of course their positioning isn't noticeably improved by the taxis, if anything it seems to just be keeping them up with the other teams.


As the teams arrived in Sarajevo the classic 'foot race to the checkpoint' was delightfully scuppered as Billy, Bonny Alex and Noel all arrived on the same coach. After their early discussions about parenting and seeing how Billy was struggling Alex and Noel teamed up with the siblings instead of forcing a race, for a heart warming joint-second place!

We're coming into the final stretches now, but the teams are still very even, with not even 12 hours between the whole group. Even closer are the budgets with all teams on 31 or 33% remaining. Think you can predict who will make the next, or the final checkpoint? Get your predictions in here!


1Harry & Emma~31%
2Alex & Noel+8 Hours33%
2Billy & Bonny+8 Hours31%
4Mel & Helene+10 Hours33%