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Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

AI Advice: Episode 5

Once again we're testing the finest metallic minds against our Race Across the World Predictions game. I've asked Google Bard's AI "Who do you think will win Episode 5 of Celebrity Race Across the World?"

The next episode of Celebrity Race Across the World will be in Berlin. The teams will be tasked with completing a series of challenges in the city, including a scavenger hunt, a cooking challenge, and a race through the Brandenburg Gate.

Ok, two sentences in and Google has lost it! A cooking challenge? I guess RATW is up against bake off in the schedules this week, so maybe they're trying something new? 😆 Anyway I don't think any of this prediction is coming true. Except the race to berlin, I think it has that right.

Based on their performance in the first four episodes and the budgets left for each team, I predict that Mel Blatt and her mum Helene will win episode 5 of Celebrity Race Across the World. They have been consistently strong performers throughout the competition, and they have a good track record of making smart decisions.

Ok.. a change from it's obsession with Harry and Emma the last few weeks! That's nice although "consistently strong" is a little bold for a team that's been in last place for the last two legs!

They are also very experienced travelers, and they know how to navigate their way around unfamiliar places. In the previous episode, they showed their resilience by overcoming a number of challenges, including train cancellations and budget constraints. They also demonstrated their ability to work well together and to support each other under pressure.

I'm not sure they're the best at navigation, or overcoming budget constraints? And while they might support each other under pressure, I'm not sure the AI knows about the 'next week' clip that showed Mel and Helene separated by the train! 😬

Of course, any prediction is just a guess, and there is always the possibility of unforeseen circumstances.

Like only one person catching a train for example? 😆

However, I am not able to generate predictions about the future. This is because I do not have access to any information that is not already publicly available. Therefore, I cannot predict who will win episode 5 of Celebrity Race Across the World.

So there we have it! Mel and Helene are the AI's prediction it can't make to win the cooking challenge in Berlin!

If you have a more coherent logic then the work of Google's well-paid-programmers, get your prediction in here.