Episode 5 Recap: Sarajevo to Berlin

This was the final leg before Norway so the teams were all keen to make it count - all of them trying for jobs to increase budget or too gain free bed and board. As proof of how series the budget side seems to be getting, this was the first week where I don't think anyone took a taxi! 😯

Harry & Emma

Our long time race leaders set off first, heading through Seribia towards Budapest. Having been leading the race for a while, and feeling the strain of last week's focused push by Harry they took a nice break at the baths in Budapest. It looked like an amazing spot to relax in, but seemed to knock them out of race mode even more. With their tapestries in tow, team Harry and Emma seem to have been one of the most keen for long uncomfortable coaches/trains, but they may have peaked too soon, not quite keeping up in this penultimate leg.

Alex & Noel

Leaving simultaneously with Billy and Bonny, Alex and Noel set themselves towards Hungary to work on a farm for food and accommodation. I don't want to say Alex knew nothing of farming but at one point he said "Ah so they (the pigs) have to get big and then you eat them?" 😆

Still they got stuck into the pig mess, and bonded with their hosts talking about Noel's 23 siblings and sharing home-cooked food, which gave them a chance to reflect more on their journey together as Alex re-considered how he viewed his dad.

Billy & Bonny

Billy & Bonny took a more direct approach, jumping on a 15-hour night bus directly into Germany stopping at Munich. Rather then cleaning out a pig sty they went for working in a German bar, which seemed more pleasant, if more stressful.

However after their stay they headed back out of Germany to travel via Prague for a more budget conscious strategy.

Mel & Helene

Mel & Helene were less worried about their budget, having not spent anything on accommodation this leg. They started with a similar route to Harry and Emma, heading for Budapest were they were working in a hostel. But after that stop, they headed to Munich focusing more on the destination, then the costs of travel in Germany.

Not sure it had a big effect on their budget, but while in Budapest Mel & Helene got seperated, requiring a 'next stop' ticket to catch up again. While Alex may have realised his Dad was more independently capable then he thought, Mel & Helene seem to have become more co-dependant on the trip - although traveling abroad without a phone is probably a good way for most of us to panic these days!


The final push to Berlin saw Billy and Bonny's prediction play out. Mel & Helene had to spend a lot for the trip to Berlin, while Billy and Bonny got a cheaper and earlier route from Prague.

But the real struggle seemed to be navigating Berlin itself, a task that truely stumped Harry & Emma, but caused some problem for all the teams. I'm still not clear what the route was, but Billy & Bonny did the best at it, arriving in daylight unlike everyone else.

The final results leave the teams very close, but with some varied budgets going into the final sprint to Norway. Mel & Helene have the least, their Munich train having really set them back. Billy and Bony however are slightly ahead, which with their time advantage too, might give them enough to see them get to Tromso first!


1Billy & Bonny~21%
2Alex & Noel+6 Hours19%
3Mel & Helene+7.5 Hours15%
4Harry & Emma+9 Hours19%