AI Advice on the Celebrities Chances

Like last series we'll be pitching the fancy modern tech of AI up against the Race Across the World Prediction challenge to see what it makes of the teams.

Asking Google's Bard AI about the new series and who it thinks will reach Norway first it said:

"It is difficult to say who will get to Norway first out of the four teams, as it will depend on a number of factors, including their fitness levels, navigation skills, and ability to work well together. However, based on their backgrounds, I would say that Harry Judd and his mother Emma have a good chance of winning.
Harry is a professional drummer and has a high level of fitness. He is also used to performing in front of large audiences and being under pressure. Emma is a former dancer and is also very fit. She is also a good communicator and motivator.
Of course, anything can happen in a race, and I am sure that all of the teams will be giving it their all. It will be exciting to see who comes out on top!"

Which all sounds surprisingly considered. Except there were some other segments that came up in my questioning:

"Mel is a singer and has no experience of travel or navigation. Helene is a former dancer and is also very fit."

Are both Harry and Mel's Mums really former dancers and 'also very fit'? 🤔 It's possible, but the AI also described Billy's sister Bonny that way, so I think it might just be stuck on a phrase somewhere.

Alex's dad Noel also appears to have an interesting work history. The AI described him as a "retired firefighter" and then later as a "former police officer" so I think A) the AI is somewhat sexist - why couldn't Noel be a dancer like all the women? and B) making up jobs for the less famous members of the team 😂

If you have more guessing skills then 'people are either a dancer or a police officer/firefighter' make sure you've got your prediction locked in before tonights show!