Photo by <a href="" target="_blank">Philip Strong</a> on <a href="" target="_blank">Unsplash</a>

Photo by Philip Strong on Unsplash

How to Play World Race Predictions

First time player, or just need a refresher of the scoring? Here's the basic rundown on how to play World Race Predictions:

The Game

Before each Race Across the World episode airs, visit the website and simply place your prediction for which team you believe will reach the next checkpoint first. It's not about rooting for your favorite; it's all about using your strategic prowess, keen observations of the teams, or just taking a gamble on a selection. Then, as the episode unfolds, you'll be on the edge of your seat, cheering your chosen team on to victory!

The Points

You have 4 points

You have 4 points

But what's a game without scoring? After the episode concludes, the winning team is recorded, and points are tallied. If your prediction matches the first-place finisher, you'll earn a handsome 3 points. But if your pick comes in second, you won't leave empty-handed—you'll snag 1 point for your 'kinda close' foresight. If there's a tie for the checkpoint, fear not! Points will be awarded to players who selected either of the tied teams. It's a win-win situation (Unless you picked a total loser!)

The Final Checkpoint

Now, when it comes to the grand finale, things get a bit more intresting. You can make or change your prediction for the final episode at any time before it airs, but here's the kicker: the earlier you make your prediction, the more points you stand to gain. A correct prediction for the final episode will net you 2 points for each week in advance of the final that you made your pick.

For instance:

  • Prediction 4 weeks before the final = 8 points
  • Prediction 2 weeks before the final = 4 points

So an early prediction may turn out to be a goldmine, but will you risk sticking with your initial choice for a big points payday, or will you switch to a team with a better shot at victory?

The Competition

A screenshot of a league leaderboard

A screenshot of a league leaderboard

And because everything is more enjoyable with a bit of friendly competition, you can create your very own World Race Predictions League. Challenge your friends, compare your skills on a shared leaderboard, and even take on a robot player to see if you can outsmart an AI's guess!

So, sign up, make your guess, and may the best predictor win! 🏁