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Ai Advice - Episode 2

We're one episode in and there's not much in it, so how's a player meant to predict? Thankfully we've the work of a thousand boffins to crunch the data and provide us state of the art advice - in the form of me asking Google Gemini who it would pick.

Last week it got a second place point, let's see what it says this week when asked "Who will win Race Across the World episode 2?"

Predicting the winner of episode 2 of Race Across the World is even trickier than predicting the winner of the entire series. Here's why:
We don't know the details of the challenges in episode 2.
We don't know where the episode will end. Did a team get a significant lead by the end of episode 1, or are they all bunched up?

So quick interjection here - we do know the challenges of episode 2: they have to get to the next checkpoint. It's in Sokcho, South Korea and the challenge is doing so quickly but within budget.

We also know what the result is of episode 1 - we even have a Series 4 Episode 1 recap right here!

Still, Gemini is right to be cautious and maybe it knows something I don't. It continues:

However, based on the information you provided about the location being the Yukon in Canada, some navigation and physical challenges might be involved.

Editor's note - I did not in fact provide any information it was in Canada. In fact I gave it no information, but last week (in the same chat) it told me it was '15,000 kilometres across Eastern Asia'. Can Ai get a head injury?

Here are some teams that could potentially do well in episode 2:
Teams with strong navigational skills: If there's a heavy focus on reading maps and finding specific locations, a team like David & Connie (Married Couple) who might have experience with outdoor navigation could excel.

Um... about that injury question?

Teams with good physical fitness: If there are physical challenges, a team like Sarah & Jess (Mother-Daughter) who seem younger and potentially more physically fit could have an advantage.

Ok, now I honestly am wondering if I should be calling an Ai-mbulance?

Have I somehow missed a few teams? This is literally the same chat as last week where it knew all the teams fine, now it's making up teams left and right. And not even good teams - David and Connie might have experience with outdoor navigation? If we're inventing teams to pick, why not create Kaito and Akika - two Japanese explorers who run marathons in their spare time. Feel like they might have some better odds! 😂

Anyway, extrapolating out the nonsense, I think Gemini's advice here might relate to Stephen and Viv (our only married couple) or Sharon and Byrdie (the slightly younger Mother-daughter team), but really you might be best going with your own ideas this time!

Make your traditional human-powered choices here, and if you're in a league why not add the AI player to see if you can best it's score!

I'm off to see if I can get google to turn Gemini on and off again to see if we can clear its cyber psychosis - till next week!