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Photo by Growtika on Unsplash

Ai Advice For Episode 2

Once again seeking wisdom from the world of Artificial intelligence we've asked Google's Bard AI what its predictions might be for Episode 2.

I think Billy Monger and his sister Bonny have a good chance of winning Episode 2 of Celebrity Race Across the World. They are both very competitive and have a good understanding of navigation. They also have a good rapport and work well together under pressure.

This sounds reasonable...

In the first episode, Billy and Bonny showed that they are not afraid to take risks. They were the first team to get on a bus to Viseu, even though it was not clear if it would take them to the checkpoint. They also took a taxi from Viseu to the checkpoint, which saved them time and helped them to win the leg.

Uh.. I'm not sure they were the first on a bus to Viseu, but I'm very sure the taxi didn't save them any time, as they only just caught up with Alex and Noel when leaving it. It definitely didn't help them win the leg... because they didn't!

Of course, the other teams are also strong competitors. Harry Judd and his mother Emma are very fit and have a good understanding of navigation. Alex Beresford and his father Noel are very determined and have a lot of experience working together. Melanie Blatt and her mother Helene are both very resourceful and have a lot of experience traveling on a budget.

Is there a parallel show using teams with the same names but almost opposite traits? They might be strong competitors, but this doesn't match up well with the teams I'm watching

However, I think that Harry and Emma have a slight edge. They have a good understanding of the race course and the challenges they will face. They are also a very well-matched team.

So there we have it, Bill and Bonny have a 'good chance', Harry and Emma have a 'slight edge' and Alex and Noel and Mel and Helene have lots of experience working together and traveling on a budget respectively!

If you think you've got more of an idea of how Episode 2 will go then the AI's weird ramblings , be sure to get your prediction in before the show starts tomorrow night!