Bonifacio photo by <a href="" target="_blank">Hendrik Cornelissen</a> on <a href="" target="_blank">Unsplash</a>

Bonifacio photo by Hendrik Cornelissen on Unsplash

Episode 2 Recap: Pinhão to Bonifacio

Episode 2 was a journey of discovery as our teams made their way to Bonifacio trying to find the best ways to complete the challenges despite the personal challenges in their team .

Mel & Helene

Wining the last checkpoint, Mel and Helele left first, planing the most direct route heading up to Donostia San Sebastian, working on a sheep farm then heading through France to the ferry at Toulon. They were held back a bit by Helene not feeling well at first, although that gave an opportunity for Mel to take charge.

Their biggest successes this episode was Mel finding the joy in birthing lambs and later finding some fellow travelers to book ferry tickets which resulted in booked transport and a bonus boost to their travel funds.

Billy & Bonny

Leaving second the siblings were still aiming for their 'protect the budget' approach. They started this leg with the most left in their pocket, and ended with the most as well, so it's a strategy that seems to be working for them. But their choice of job this leg was more damp squib then squid, as failing to catch any fish it earned them no money.

They remained however in good spirits - despite Billy's issues with his legs, they kept things going and seem to be one of the stronger pairs right now.

Harry & Emma

Coming in fourth last week Harry and Emma started with an unexpected jog to the train station, trying to make up time. Much of their activities this week were either speeding or sightseeing, with the overnight bus to Madrid and the high-speed train to Barcelona meaning they had enough time for Emma to drag Harry to the cathedrals at Porto and Barcelona.

Alex & Noel

The father and son duo hit a number of problems this week, starting with trying to escape Bonny & Billy, but only doing so when failing to exit the train at Porto. They also took a large detor north to work in a fish restaurant, despite Alex's fear of seafood, so by the time they got to Barcelona the trains to Marseille were booked for the next two days.

Not the best week for them, as their slow progress failed to get them to the checkpoint by the end of the episode.


The three other teams all ended up on the same ferry from Toulon for a final sprint to Bonifacio.

Harry & Emma and Mel & Helene managed to blag lifts from other passengers, but Billy & Bonny ended up in a piecemeal hitchhike, having failed to find anyone on the boat. While they might have the best budget, the don't seem as confident in talking to strangers to get free lifts or other offers of assistance which does hamper their team.


1Harry & Emma~63%
2Mel & Hellene+30 minutes64%
3Billy & Bonny+3 Hours68%
4Alex & Noel????

The next episode will show how far Alex and Noel are behind, but as they race towards the Mountains of Switzerland will they be able to stage a Harry and Emma style comeback? Make your prediction here!