Celebrity Race Across the World Postponed

If you've read our preview of Celebrity Race Across the World you'll know that this series the route is starting in Marrakesh, Morocco before heading up towards Norway. But late last week Morocco was hit with a 6.8 magnitude earthquake, followed 20 minutes later by a 4.9 aftershock.

With more than 2,500 people reported dead by local authories and the situation still ongoing the BBC have decided to postpone the launch of the new series.

While the race itself was finished earlier this year, with the start point so linked to the ongoing events it does seem understandable to delay.

Given how many people complained at the lack of social distancing in series 2, which aired as COVID started but was filmed the year before, this is probably also a much safer move. Airing could somehow start an awful conspiracy theroy that Moroco is actually fine or the damage is not that severe. Sadly the truth is anything but.

If you're able to help the British Red Cross has launched an emergency Morocco appeal. As for the show the BBC have given no official date it will air, but obviously we'll return to the predictions game when it does.